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"Uncle Neighbor" has been put on the Apple Store, if you have an IOS system, you can buy it here! (Note: According to the rules of the Apple Store, I deleted all 18R content!)

new! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The game has been released! You can buy it from steam!

If you can't see Uncle's Steam store page in your country, you can buy it through the link below!

邻居叔叔/Uncle Neighbor:

This is a love simulation game. You can play the role of a newcomer in the town, start a new life, and date 12 uncles

About Uncle:

The mysterious man in the forest: Albert

Redhead man: Alex

The baron, the tinker of the elves.

President Cold: Benson

Careful and gentle doctor: Blair

Mature Farmer: Genes

An athlete who looks a little tough: Giles

Annoying police? : Kane

Very enthusiastic flower shop employee: Marcos

Fitness coach who loves sports: Nick

Lovely salesman: Quinn

A little shy teacher: Ron

About the game:

12 uncles can date.

Simple game operation.

Each uncle has seven main plots and three hidden plots.

Each uncle has a separate interactive mini game.


:@Li Bing_Hua

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsErotic, Gay, LGBT, Short


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UncleNeighbor_Demo.zip 276 MB
UncleNeighborMac_Demo.zip 279 MB

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Hi, I'm considering buying the game but I don't speak any of the available languages besides having horrible reading comprehension of English, I would like to know if there is a way to translate the game into another language, even with an external tool.

This game needs an english translato


Can you also make it able to buy the full version here ? The game is blocked in most countries on steam

I'm confused, it says the game is out now but all the downloads are labelled "demo", are they just meaning a demo version is released or is it the completed game?


The full game is only available on Steam, can't be found anywhere else.

Thank you :)

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Will this game come to mobile?


is the full version available on itch.io?


No only on stream

Is it playable in Android via joiplay?

I don't think so


Will there be an android version?


We want Android version T_T

I'm in love with Marcos, I loved it, please I need more of Marcos pleeeease <3

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I bought the game here, but it seems the full version is Steam only.

Well, I'd like the full version. Could I have a Steam key? I can provide my purchase details if needed.


Can you send me the game lol...


could you sell the full version of the game also in itch.io? Since I cant also download it on steam :/

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Hello, your game looks amazing! Is there another way to buy the nsfw version? The game is sadly not available on steam in my country (Germany) and I'd love to play it :( it is not about the store, so even if I use the link you provided in the description my country is blocked from purchasing the game, so I am hopeful that you might have another alternative. Thanks a lot!


Please we want Android devices I want to try it :-(🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️


Me to 😭




I would like to translate the game into Spanish mmmm I play in Portuguese and although I understand it perfectly, I would be fine another language

do you still have the nsfw version? or is it gone?


Deleted 1 year ago

There is only a demo version here! If you need the full version, please go to steam to purchase!

Ok :)


It would be amazing though if you have one for Android

how do i get the "12 good ending" i bought this game awhile back and havent even gotten past the about me part because of this i have replayed and replayed and still nothing 

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I can't start any story with any uncle... What is wrong with my game?

if someone can help me, i would appreciate it.

I´m pretty sure you have to play the main story first and after you saw all the characters you can pick the person you want I'm not sure but you can try


yes I've played the main story first, but when I try to start any of the rotes of any character, the game simply doesn't load

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Pls add an Android ver 🥺


I want to Android download it game pls and thx


plssss add android ver


Pls add android ver


can it be possible for you to made this game for Android also pleaseeeee. It’s better to play this game with phone... 


Will an android version of this game be possible? I really wanna play the demo.

when will the android version be available?

Hello what is the version of this demo?


I'm trying to purchase the game using the "buy now" link in steambd.info but it doesn't allow me - I cannot add this game to my Steam wallet in any way. Is there an alternative way to buy the game? I really want to buy it but it's not available for Germany in any way :(((((

Deleted post

Hey can someone help me everytime i get to the part he says ahh my bike after the forest thing it goes back to menu and i cant get past it or load any routes what do i do?

Actually that's the very beginning of the game after that you can now choose a story on one of the 12 uncles and press play. Also honestly I was kinda like you I thought the game ended after the bike incident.

Will there be an Android version in the near future ?

Hey, how do we try the demo on MacOs, it says it won't open?

need MAC  10.13+

I purchased this on Steam and it did not load.  I am on a Mac.  I would love to download it here as well.


Can we please get an itch download, i dont want this on my steam
also! is the english good in the final version


Hey there,

are you ever going to release the full game here on itch.io?
German gamers for example cannot access any "adult-only" games in steam anymore, so we can't buy it there, even if we wanted to, it's region locked.

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Amazing game, don't sleep on this one. I usually play these games for a single character and I stop there, but with this one I can't decide which one I'll play next.
The art style is a blessing for the eyeballs, sprites, CGs, backgrounds, even some mini-games are fun to look at.

The story is nothing revolutionary but it's a dating sim and it does the job well. I've experienced the full rollercoaster of emotions. Much more than I usually do with these types of games.

What I LOVE the most is how the MC is a character who has a decent amount of confidence about himself, has a backbone and will fight a dude if he needs to. Usually, these games present a whiny MC who can't do anything on their own and needs help from their love interest 24/7. Not this guy and it's so refreshing to see a MC like this.

The sheer amount of content is also impressive, especially for a game (mostly?) made by a single person.

Personally I exchanged a few tweets with the developer and they are very responsive and helpful. All in all, thanks again for this product. Looking forward to whatever comes next from you.


has the awful translation been improved yet?

Asking the real question here...

it used to be practically illegible even though it was in English 

so i play the game but there is no nsfw, when i get to the scene, it get bach to the menu.

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