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has the awful translation been improved yet?

so i play the game but there is no nsfw, when i get to the scene, it get bach to the menu.

The English translation switches to other languages in several lines of dialogue and apparently that issue is present even in the paid for version... It needs to be fixed, seriously. More people would try it then.

does anyone know why my MacBook won't let me play it I bought it downloaded it and I click on it and it just disappears

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Thats not possible. He heals more them i can do damage.thats a trash Minigame. The pokemon styledinigame against Roger 

(Got it's so hard dude..destroy a bit the fun)

there is a version for android?


Any plans of realising this on this platform j don't use stream much and all I buy is from here

Hello I was wondering why I got into the game and the screen is black and after that there is nothing in my face or is it because of my computer specs


Excuse me just wanted to ask. This is gmae is free right? Cause when i try to do a characters mission i cant. Is that normal


The game is not free, the game here is a demo version. If you want to have the full version of the game, you can go to steam and buy it.

hey I just purchased it and it won't let me play it I don't know why. I got a apple MacBook

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there is, the botton you need to click is the one looks forward >>

I'm honestly curious, are some of the outfits currently not unlock-able? I'm already at 10 hearts with Alex and got all the collectables but still one of the outfit is missing :(

I would like to know when you plan to make available on steam the 18R-DLC ?


18R-DLC has been released and you can buy it on steam.

Not working on Mac.

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I really wish you will add "Auto-Play" button

I want to Android download it game , I waiting can Android download 

We want to play it on Android pretty please 🥺


sounds like an interesting vn, but steam only.  will have to pass.  wish you all the best though, seems like a really good vn

I want to know if you are going to make a version for android yes or no please reply me a message

sorry  No..

Any news about the update? with the naked dlc and portuguese translation?

My friend wants to know what the songs are in the game.


why cant i get this in steam is giving me troubles.

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So... uh, is this game "inspired" by Dream Daddy? The premise is similar, as is the UI and character creator. 

Granted, this game looks BETTER than Dream Daddy, but I can't imagine that it's a coincidence...

Hi Libinghua i also follow you on twitter the name of my twitter is erwin b millante i hope you can also release a version of your game that is compatible for 32bit x86 version of windows 7 and hope you could do the same with the adult dlc cause i really wanted to play your beautiful game but its not compatible with my laptop i will patiently wait for that version of the game and keep up the good work and love your game

If you guys have any good ideas, I suggest you talk to me directly on Twitter and maybe INS, there's no need to comment here to avoid being perceived by some as a dictatorial producer. Thanks.

my problem is i am anti-social media.. can i suggest directly to you on steam? 


I don't know what you mean, but you can ask me about it in a tweet. That way I'll respond to your message promptly.

outstanding work and beautiful game, thank you GameUncle for this game.. cant wait the update.. although i'm more interested in the next story rather than the adult DLC
- i know it might be challenging, but what is the possibility to add a new uncle? who will be hard to get, maybe he will be straight with devious behaviour, and the Main Character (MC) would need to nail him.. i have almost a complete idea of his route, if you are interested to get some ideas...


Careful, this creator doesn't like constructive feedback

no wonder


First of all, this is my own indie game, and I've been thinking a lot about the game's future, so thank you for suggesting it. Please don't be blinded by some deliberately hate-mongering rhetoric. He only did this because other players questioned his comments. Yet, he blames it all on me, as if I deliberately set up the people who gave him opposing opinions, so he harbours a grudge against me.


thank you for the clarification. 
i know sometimes most of us would sound ungrateful to the efforts you are doing.. please dont let haters pull you down.  

You seem to be deliberately messing with it. I don't come to this discussion board every day to watch comments, I don't have as much free time as you do. Please don't presume to make wild speculations here, and if you continue with your shenanigans, then I will have to ask you to leave this discussion forum.

Awwweee,not available in android sad.

game will come out in Portuguese?


Actually the Portuguese has been translated and we'll put it in the next update...

DLC Update on itch? or steam only?



Really great game and the art is amazing. The only thing that needs improvement is the English translations. Some of the context and sentences dont make any sense. Other than that, keep up the amazing work! Cheers!


Playing the demo, the conversation between uncles doesn't flow well. The story has a bad case of "perfect coincidences" that everything is free. The uncles don't look too great. I'd say their eyes are a bit too high up on their face. While they shouldn't act completely normal, they also seem not fond of minding their own business. Who approaches someone over the last crab burger? What kind of restaurant even runs out of food to serve?  The sound that comes from loading text gives me a headache. However, the backgrounds are well drawn, and the CG's clearly have some work put into them :)


Same thoughts exactly. I cringed quite a lot reading those lines. I decided to play the demo before I buy the full game, but now I'm not so sure if I want to purchase that game anymore.

imo these cringe-y lines make the game loses its charm

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yes with an extra... yummy DLCs... i'm buying the game


Did they change those cringey lines into something more logical tho? I played the Chinese (Traditional) demo and those cringey lines weirded the fuck outta me

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I don't understand why people disagree with you. It's like people in this community are pro-poorly written VN's.  Maybe they just get offended that I dislike something that they like (Which is perfectly understandable). What's not understandable is to not acknowledge that the game can have logical flaws, and instead of confronting you about it, they'd rather just press the downvote button. I'm really glad that I didn't buy this game because it would've felt like a waste of money. Can't people be at least thankful that I didn't whether I agree with them or not?

I sometimes would to the same tbh, I might too lazy to comment to I would rather downvote, as least made myself a point (shrugs)

Just let them be


They disagree with you because you only played the demo and then dismissed the entire game. The game is 25+ hours long (some players have spent 70 hours on it.) The fact that you're dismissing the game just because you played the demo version must have a different opinion of the players who actually played the game. I'm glad you didn't buy my game! Have a nice day!


For a person who creates games, you get defensive really easily.  People pirate your games and clearly you don't tend to customers needs very well. Wouldn't you need my money? Or perhaps you're trying to play tough. It would make sense that the demo would give me a feel for what the game has to offer, correct?  The point of a VN is to provide the reader with an experience. The game doesn't do that in the first few hours. You can't fault the reader for that.  You should put your pride aside and at least listen to what I have to say constructively. If you disagree with what I have to say, that's fine. Although I'm not going to sit and defend bad writing which is why I'm mostly here. The game has a lot of promise because it looks good. I'd say the appeal it has over other  visual novels is it's human characters, since other VN's are mainly furry orientated, it's original artwork and music. I just think it's strange to stop there in terms of quality. If it's a side project or your first game that's understandable.  I've seen many good quality VN's that are free, meanwhile the ones I pay for tend to be lacking. Nonetheless, no petty comments from you or anyone else will change my opinion. You're going to have critiques, that's inevitable. If you plan to start making improvements to future games, let me know, I'd genuinely be happy to check them out.  I'm really glad I was able to garner your attention though, all the passive aggression is really exhausting to read through sometimes. I understand that art and writing can be sensitive for a lot of artists. It doesn't help that a lot of the community are gay youth, it's pretty clear they're desperate for queer media, as I am , too.  On another note, does it matter who you get your money from?

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I'm not disagreeing with you, after all, this demo was released a few months ago. The reason I'm confused is because people don't like your point of view and you think they do it on purpose? Isn't it selfish of you to think that? It's like... This community only allows you to voice your opinion and not opposing voices? If there's opposition, you feel like they're targeting you? Don't you think you're ridiculous?


I'm not going to answer any more questions about the game here. If you guys do buy the game, you can find me in steam. If you are asking me questions about the game here after downloading the pirated version, then I don't need to keep answering them. Cheers~.

Yesterday i went to buy the game, sorry, i'm not comfortable to provide all my details into steam, phone number, address, email.
even paypal didnt work "your current country doesnt match your payment address" of course it wouldnt, i need VPN to access steam...

if you decided to do alternative payment than steam, please tell me


Maybe I'll try to have a platform that sells steamKEY overseas.

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just bought it, sorry i couldnt wait. went through changing alot of my profile. thanks for the game.

ok, if there is a way you can extract the text and send it to me, i'm welling to help translating and/or re-articulate the story to English, i will start with Albert since i served in the army. If you want.

Will this game be released on Android? ..

actually, Alex's story is so touching and sincere ... 

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i'm at nick's story, it suddenly went chinese...  at the surf.. where there is a story plot


I hate to pester you about it, but... what's the approximate release date for Adult DLC? I can't wait & I am so excited :) Thank you for your game.

Is there a chance theres a bug in the translation?


There are some incorrect statements in the current translation, we will fix this in the next update.

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